• Let Isaiah Zagar beautify your wall!

    Dear Neighbor and Property Owner,

    Please Consider Donating Your Wall to a Mosaic Workshop!Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens offers monthly outdoor workshops with the creator of PMG, Isaiah Zagar! While learning the Zagar mosaic-making technique, students participate in the beautification of local Philadelphia neighborhoods through the completion of a permanent, public mosaic mural in the span of one weekend.  Mosaic Mural Workshops run from April through October.


    The only potential expense incurred by the property owner would be if the wall requires some prior surface treatment (such as concrete-work, framing considerations, capping or paint removal) to suit the artists’ standards. Although donations are greatly appreciated, the mural is otherwise free to the property owner. The mural will be designed by Isaiah Zagar, and executed by Zagar and his students on a Saturday and Sunday.

    Screen Shot 2014-08-09 at 4.30.39 PM

    Walls must be:

    • Accessible/visible to the public
    • Not in danger of being destroyed
    • Made of unpainted masonry (cinder blocks, bricks, stucco), not wood
    • No further than a 1/2 mile from 10th and South St.
    • Workshop participants and Zagar must have access to a bathroom

    Please respond if you’d like a mosaic mural! PMG is always looking for blank public walls in the South Street neighborhood (and slightly beyond) to become canvases for these workshops. If you are a property owner interested in having a Zagar mosaic mural on one of your public walls, please email info@philadelphiasmagicgardens.org or call (215)  733-0390. Please include: Your name, address, telephone number AND a photo of the wall with the approximate height and width




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